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Create your own, private, medieval world with the help of a few Keflings!

Play as a Giant and help the tiny Keflings build up and beautify their Kingdom. Start out small, unlocking new blueprints, buildings and tasks as you work towards designing and building a Kefling castle.

You can download the TRIAL VERSION (demo) for free and see if you like it.  A Kingdom for Keflings is an older game (developed in 2008), so it's a good idea to try the demo to make sure it runs nicely on your PC.

When you buy the game here on itch.io, you'll get access to download a License Key that unlocks the full game from the same demo you already have installed.

Network Play:  You can play with another player over a LAN network or over the Internet.  For play over the internet, one of the players will need to set up port forwarding (e.g. see https://www.noip.com/support/knowledgebase/general-port-forwarding-guide/ ) for port 17432.  This is technical, but fairly common for multiplayer games.  If you don't understand port forwarding or don't want to do it, then please don't purchase the full game expecting multiplayer play.  There is no matchmaking service for A Kingdom for Keflings on Windows.

This is the Windows version of A Kingdom for Keflings.  For the Xbox 360 or Xbox One games, please visit the Microsoft store pages for A Kingdom for Keflings or A World of Keflings.

Mild Cartoon Violence

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreSimulation, Strategy
TagsCity Builder, giant, kefling, kingdom
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
MultiplayerAd-hoc networked multiplayer


Buy Now$9.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9 USD. You will get access to the following files:

LICENSE KEY (text file) 1 kB
Map Pack 1 (DLC) 53 kB
Map Pack 2 (DLC) 53 kB

Download demo

A Kingdom for Keflings Installer 63 MB


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I have a monitor in portrait and the game always launches on that one. Can I select which monitor it launches too? Something in the game files?

Yep!  If you're comfortable with (carefully) editing the fsall/settings.ini file, there's a graphics section where you can edit some graphics settings, including:

FullScreen = yes ; Full screen window
XScreenRes = 1920 ; Screen width
YScreenRes = 1080 ; Screen Height

When you're using FullScreen, you should use a standard resolution supported by your monitor.

And you can use this line

Adapter = 1

to pick which monitor to use (starting at 0).

Thanks guys!

Please make more of these games! Or i'm gunna lol....maybe flavor it like a space game and boom - its a new IP yaaaaay

Not kidding (entirely). Make more or i'ma do it for ya :) because there is a very clear market for it, and our studio loves cult classics that time has forgotten!


i just want to say thank you for making my childhood, i had mad fun playing this game on the 36


Fantastic!  Thanks for the comment!

thank you for making time with my family even more fun with this game.


Thank you for the very nice feedback!


Wheres world of keflings



See comments below.  We'll be working on it at some point, but don't have a schedule to announce.

xbox controller not working ?

This takes me back

How do i get the map packs after buying the game

Nevermind, found it. x3

Hey NinjaBee... I just want to say thanks for this game... i played it when i was a kid and i really liked it <3

Heya Ninjabee, are you maintaining/updating this game day by game? Cuz id like to see more content within it.

Sadly miss the controller support so that I can kick keflings around which I usually do without picking them up.

Other than that love the game on trial, too bad I was a young pal and my parents were refusing to pay for the key dwb. But hey I paid for it and liking it so far, just a suggestion please let us kick keflings around without picking em up just like the xbox version

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I'm having trouble changing the resolution to anything other than 800x600 on PC, and the fullscreen option doesn't work either. How can I make the window for the game bigger? I'm on Windows 10.

On the main menu go to "Help & Options", then select "Graphics". It'll restart the program once you change the resolution, then it'll ask you to confirm the changes

I've done these steps but it doesn't end up actually changing the resolution.

Same here, It's not saving any settings.

I was just wondering if there has been any update on bringing any of your games to steam?

Thanks for asking.  I'm sorry to say it's being delayed even more as we focus on new contract work.  :(  It's still absolutely the long-term plan.

You have a new project!  Hype!  Is there any information you can share about it. Thanks!!!!! Much love.


Ah, unfortunately this time I just mean the team is caught up in contracting on third party work, which we've been doing for a few years - helping other people make their games!  For instance, we got to help with Fuser, which is an awesome music-driven game from Harmonix.

But NinjaBee is not dead, and one day we'll be (1) working on more Keflings games, and (2) working on other new games!  We just don't know when.

And thanks so much for being interested!


The memories of coming back from school and going on my xbox 360 to play this game are coming back, this game is amazing.


loved this game on the xbox


Thank you!

Just bought this because my wife wanted to play with me, but we can't figure out how to rotate the camera? Is there a manual with all the controls for pc?

Ah, sorry - there's not a manual with windows controls.  And unfortunately, there's no camera rotation on the PC version.  The whole game should be playable without rotation - even on console, we only allowed a slight brief swing to one side or another, and the game is designed to be played from one angle without camera management needed.


Is there controller support? It doesn't seem to work with controller.

Unfortunately, there's no controller support in the Windows version.


Thank you for responding, I figured it out. I used a controller emulator called DS4 and mapped it to the keyboard configuration listed in your read me word document. It was simple and works! I’m sure others will have this questions later, I would recommend they research DS4 controller emulator but need to caution the download source, wouldn’t want anyone getting a malware. Love this game!


Great!  Nice job working that out, and thanks for following up!


You can also just use steam. see my comment below!

Hi i have a question how do i play online because i am very confused on how to play with my friend

There's some info on this page about it, but here it is for your convenience:

Network Play:  You can play with another player over a LAN network or over the Internet.  For play over the internet, one of the players will need to set up port forwarding (e.g. see https://www.noip.com/support/knowledgebase/general-port-forwarding-guide/ ) for port 17432.  This is technical, but fairly common for multiplayer games.  If you don't understand port forwarding or don't want to do it, then please don't purchase the full game expecting multiplayer play.  There is no matchmaking service for A Kingdom for Keflings on Windows.

Okay thanks

Hello, I downloaded the windows edition and am unable to get the game. My computer refuses to download it stating it contains a virus and automatically deletes everything before any download can be completed. No matter what course of action I take to adjust the download protection parameters or the way I go about downloading it, I still get the same results.

Hi.  When you download, do you have any kind of "more" or "advanced" button you can click to save the file despite the warning?  What anti-virus are you using?

You should be getting the game itself from  the Download button or from here:  https://ninjabee.com/games/akingdomforkeflings/

When I download to Windows, using Microsoft Defender as my anti-malware software, I get no virus errors.

There's a known false-positive coming from Gridinsoft anti-virus, if you use that (or use something that references its database).  We've scanned and double-checked with other anti-virus software and there's no issue.

If you're ultimately still unable to download the game, we can request a refund for you.

hey just asking btw, but i downloaded the demo and i was just scanning it on virus total and it says Trojan.Win32.Agent.oa!s1 by Gridinsoft just to confirm is this a error with the virus checking, sorry i am just being caution about this.

Thanks for asking, and I understand your caution.  This Gridinsoft result is a false positive.  I looked into this and Gridinsoft is evidently a sketchy product itself (see reddit threads about Gridinsoft).

No other anti-malware product detects an issue, including manual scans I did again just now with Windows Defender and Malwarebytes, which I trust.

ok thank you

Please port this to steam, This is one of my favorite games. I love your games ninjabee.  I wanna be able to play them all in one spot with ease!

Thanks!  The most likely next game on steam will be an adaptation of A World of Keflings, but unfortunately I can't promise anything soon!

This gets my hype train going! love you guys hope to see it soon.

Please patch the game so that it can find the key file after it is placed in the install folder


My friends and I played this game so much on xbox when it came out, instant buy for us. Are you guys still pursuing World on PC? Thanks for the game!


We are still pursuing A World of Keflings on PC!  Unfortunately, no timeline to announce yet.  We're mostly caught up in contract work to pay salaries, but AWoK on PC is where I'd like to be putting our effort next.

I purchased this game now finding out it was still available for Windows, I played the WOK Windows 8 demo back when I was a kid which is what brought me to love the Keflings games, sadly I didn't have the means to purchase the Windows 8 version back then and till I could it was no longer available...

This game is good though, not as fun(ny) with there being no cutscenes with the Keflings and all that fancy stuff but I still love it so I want to ask: with the current expansion of the Windows on ARM market would you perhaps consider building an ARM version as well, be it ARM32 or ARM64? (I did notice ARM32 compiled programs seem to use less power so I have a slight preference for it, at least when I build stuff)

It would be great for playing it on the go and seeing as the Windows 8 version of WOK was available for RT (ARM32) it may not be that hard.

Although looking at the game logs it seems to be using OpenGL which isn't exactly available on WoA but there's the Microsoft provided package which allows some programs to use OpenGL and then there's also ANGLE or even GLDirect (which may work considering how old this seems to be), all 3 of which support/have been ported to ARM (GLDirect only to ARM32).

Thanks for the suggestions and technical details!  The most likely place we'll put new efforts is into a new build of A World of Keflings, so hopefully we'll get what you want into that!  Nothing to announce, unfortunately, and no timeline we can promise yet.


Hey, Steve, dumb question. I understand that KFK is a bit older now, but how would I go about adjusting the settings to allow controller use like was on the XBL version?

Also, I'd like to add my voice to those who've suggested Steam release. I know Steam is a rather demanding platform, but with the resurgence of nostalgia for older games like KFK and WOK, especially amongst those who used to be on XBL and moved to PC gaming. It could flop, but I don't know if it would, given the success of games like Rollercoaster Tycoon and Terraria. 

I hope you're doing well, my dude. Stay upright.

Wow, I got way behind on comments.  Sorry about that.  I am staying upright, but sometimes just barely!  :)

We'll try to have a look at controller support, but I think anything that even requires a new build will have to wait for A World of Keflings on PC, which is something we're looking at again, especially for a Steam release.

Thanks for the comments!

Life gets crazy at times, I understand. I'll be on the lookout for a Steam release. I'll definitely be one of the first to pick it up when/if it launches! Stay safe, my dude.

Hello. I've bought this game before using the email: "Michael_rothwow@hotmail.no" Is it possible for you guys to see my earlier purchase? I forgot to write down the product key i got, and now i can't find it.

Nice to see that you guys are still around! Would be great to have all your games on Steam and GOG with cloud saves, achievements, and all.

Also, what was the reason to release the WiiU version of A World of Keflings only in NA? My modded WiiU saved the day tho so I had the chance to play the splitscreen mode which was really cool. It also had multiple languages to choose from so I'm a bit confused why it never came over to europe.

If I recall correctly, the reason was partly political and partly practical - releasing in Europe on the Wii-U (at the time) required a new contract with a different part of Nintendo, with new hoops to jump through.  I think we knew by then that the Wii-U release was not going to recoup what we had spent on it, so it didn't make sense to spend even more time/money for a smaller market to also flop in.  :(

I hope you can bring this game and its sequel to Steam. Actually, it would be awesome if you could release them on Switch with Mii support! I know there was going to be one for the Wii U, but I don't know whatever happened to that.


A World of Keflings was indeed released on the Wii U, with Mii support, updated art, and additional content included.

We're looking at the possibility of releasing A World of Keflings on Steam.

would you add kingdom for keflings as content for world? since I was thinking about buying this game again on pc but if i could buy worlds and be able to play both games again Id loved to. also is whalebunny the new name for ninjabee or are you working with them to bring it to pc? since they had a reply 13 days ago

Haha, woops!  I was signed in to the wrong account like a dork.  WhaleBunny and NinjaBee are not working together. 

I'm Steve, the lead designer of the Keflings games.  In my view, A World of Keflings is everything A Kingdom for Keflings was, and tons more, so it wouldn't add anything to include Kingdom as content in world.  But thanks for the suggestion!

The Wii U version was never available in PAL regions, so unfortunately I never got to play that version.


I'd certainly give a +1 to the vote for World of Keflings (or a sequel?) on Steam - I'd have to buy 3 copies or my daughter would never forgive me!

Putting in a bit of an avatar maker, to make up for the lack of X-Box avatars, would be a much appreciated move.

Hey! You should put the game either in the game pass, steam or something for PC. And controller support would be appreciated. A game I use to play younger on Xbox 360, so great to play again <3


Hi!  Thanks for the feedback.  We've been talking about bringing A World of Keflings back and putting it on Steam   We'll see!

A re-release on Steam would be much appreciated! I feel like A World of Keflings is in a somewhat hard to access state for people looking to replay it, given the Windows 8 version doesn't run on Windows 10, isn't for sale anymore, and the only other option is picking up an entire older console.

Is it possible to use one's Xbox Avatar on the PC version? ='D

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I'm sorry to say it's not supported in this version of the game.

would it be possible to add a optional login to your Microsoft account so u could use your avatar? also Cloning Clyde and Ancients of Ooga are on steam so hype!  Hope you are able to put this one on steam as well.  I will buy it 10 times


Haha, thanks!  We would be happy with just one purchase and 9 mentions to your friends!  :)

Right now, no plans to use Xbox Avatars, but we'll look that it if/when we bring A World of Keflings to PC.


would it be possible to  have the xbox controls be included in this...? I prefer playing this game with the controller and I was sad to find out through the demo that I can't just lean back with a controller in hands to play. I suppose I could use xpadder, but it'd feel smoother to just have official controller support in there.


I'm with you - it's annoying, and I wish we had included gamepad support.  Sorry about that!  If we do A World of Keflings on PC, we'll consider that more seriously.


oh my god yes please, i loved this game, thank you ninjabee for making my childhood


Thank you!


you can just add it to your steam library.  That allows you to use any controller u want even ps3 or Nintendo switch!

adding a game to my steam library doesn't magically give it controller support lol, the devs themselves have to implement that functionality.

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Once you add the game to your steam library all you do is open big picture,  go to controller settings.  You can map the key press to a button on the controller.  I have done this myself its the only way I play a Kingdom for Keflings because i don't like mouse and keyboard!  it is literally a three step processes so it is kind of magic.  If you would like help my steam name is the same as my itch.io name you can add me and I would gladly walk you through it.  have a great day!  ;) 

this process works with all games and almost any controller!

keep up the good work ninja bee we all love you


plz put this game on steam?


Yeah. I think people would be more likely to buy it.

Also A World of Keflings..