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Create your own, private, medieval world with the help of a few Keflings!

Play as a Giant and help the tiny Keflings build up and beautify their Kingdom. Start out small, unlocking new blueprints, buildings and tasks as you work towards designing and building a Kefling castle.

You can download the TRIAL VERSION (demo) for free and see if you like it.  A Kingdom for Keflings is an older game (developed in 2008), so it's a good idea to try the demo to make sure it runs nicely on your PC.

When you buy the game here on itch.io, you'll get access to download a License Key that unlocks the full game from the same demo you already have installed.

Network Play:  You can play with another player over a LAN network or over the Internet.  For play over the internet, one of the players will need to set up port forwarding (e.g. see https://www.noip.com/support/knowledgebase/general-port-forwarding-guide/ ) for port 17432.  This is technical, but fairly common for multiplayer games.  If you don't understand port forwarding or don't want to do it, then please don't purchase the full game expecting multiplayer play.  There is no matchmaking service for A Kingdom for Keflings on Windows.

This is the Windows version of A Kingdom for Keflings.  For the Xbox 360 or Xbox One games, please visit the Microsoft store pages for A Kingdom for Keflings or A World of Keflings.

Mild Cartoon Violence

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
GenreSimulation, Strategy
TagsCity Builder, giant, kefling, kingdom
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
MultiplayerAd-hoc networked multiplayer


Buy Now$9.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9 USD. You will get access to the following files:

LICENSE KEY (text file) 1 kB
Map Pack 1 (DLC) 53 kB
Map Pack 2 (DLC) 53 kB

Download demo

A Kingdom for Keflings Installer 63 MB


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Hello, Perhaps opening a CrowdIn project to consider translating the game? :)

You can have all of my money for A World of Keflings I CANNOT WAIT

Sorry about that!  I promise we're going to do it!  Hopefully soon!

I can pay AAA games price, that game is my chillhood and is so beautiful, i hope you guys release it asap! <3

I am curious as to how I view the dlc in the game. Is there a section in the game that shows the dlc or is it already ready to play when starting a new game? And also keep up the absolutely amazing work on this series! It was awesome on the xbox 360 and it is even better here on pc!

Thanks!  The DLC is in the form of different playable maps - they should show up when you start a new game and see a "Choose your Kingdom" screen.

I do not see a "Choose your Kingdom" option and I installed the whole thing via the itch.io ap. Do I need to do anything extra with that?

Ah, interesting... I had not tried the itch.io app.   I see - it seems to "install" the game installer (which you then run to actually install the game), but it doesn't know about the DLC packs.  The two DLC packs (downloadable through the itch.io website) are separate installers that you need to run.  They'll try to install the DLC in the location where your game got installed.  And you'll need to have the full game unlocked with the license key, if you haven't already.  Sorry for the confusion - the itch.io app does weird stuff in this case.  :-/

If you guys need help porting this to steam I'm down to help for free no credit needed. This is one of my favorite games of all time! I search Keflings at least once a month on steam and it makes me a little sad to only see a handful waiting for me. Thanks for all the heard work y'all have done!


Thanks!  I hope we're getting back to updating the old Keflings games this summer, but we'll see.  :)


hey i just wanted to say thank you so much for preserving this game through itch.io. AKFK and AWFK were some of my favorite Xbox 360 games growing up and unfortnitly my 360 no longer works but i did buy this and AWFK on the wiiu eshop while it was still up so i would always have these memories with me. plese keep contiuing on with what your doing and i hope to one day get to see your work again.

Thank you!


Is there any updates on A World of Keflings?

Not a very exciting update.  We're hoping to get back to working on A World of Keflings this summer, if all goes to plan!

I got a new pc and can't play anymore unless I buy the game again. How do I find a reinstall for when the game is already owned?

Reinstalling the demo is free through the "Download demo" option above.

To unlock the demo to the full game:

When you're signed in to your itch.io account, at the top of this page it should see "You own this game".  You can click on the "Download" button there to download more files, including the license key that unlocks the full game.  There are instructions in those files.

More Info:

You can also check your email for a purchase notification from itch.io, where there's more information about getting access to your purchased games, including a link to:


which is a good place to find downloads for any itch.io games you want to reinstall.

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Everytime I try to download the demo it downloads and then i try to launch it and it then syas download failed and i cant find it anywhere in my files or apps. The only thing i can do is try redownloading it and then it does the same thing, What do I do? Edit: I found it in my files but it opens for a second then immediately closes

Hmm...  Is it the installer (AKingdomForKeflings_Setup) that closes immediately, or the game after it's successfully installed?

If it's the installer, that's confusing and I'm not sure what could cause that...

If it's the installed game, you could try compatibility settings:  find A Kingdom for Keflings.exe and right-click on it and choose "Troubleshoot Compatibility".  Or, go to "Properties" and then the "Compatibility" tab.

It's the installer, I download the demo and try to launch the very first thing that gets downloaded from the site and it either fails download in the site or doesn't fail but closes right after I open it

Hmm... I haven't heard of that kind of issue before.  I can help you more easily if you email support@ninjabee.com. Let's take this conversation there.

Hey, do you know how i can make the game launch on my main monitor so i can get my higher refresh rate? It keeps launching on my secondary monitor and if i just move it over i cant increase the refresh rate

If you're comfortable with (carefully) editing the fsall/settings.ini file, there's a graphics section where you can edit some graphics settings, including:

FullScreen = yes ; Full screen window
XScreenRes = 1920 ; Screen width
YScreenRes = 1080 ; Screen Height

(When you're using FullScreen, you should use a standard resolution supported by your monitor.)

And you can use this line

Adapter = 1

to pick which monitor to use (starting at 0).

Perfect, thankyou so much!


Oh my god, I never expected to see this again. TBH I'd forgotten about it. The nostalgia!!! :)



Hello, are you thinking about bringing a port of the game to world of keflings for pc soon?

It is a game that I loved as a boy and I would like to be able to play the experience again with my xbox avatar but now on PC :D


Will world of keflings er be on pc?

was a very unique and fun game!

I know you guys made that vr one but it went kinda undernoticied by everyone

if you think nobody would play a pc version you should see the castle miner z port to steam they have a lot of reviews n sales for a xbox ported game


You could also if you plan on porting make all the dlc in basegame but make the game itself cost more money

or just make it dlc idk id think it be nice for fans and im sure theyd be fine with it


We're planning on bringing A World of Keflings to PC at some point!

It'll be interesting to see how the sequel will transition to PC. A Kingdom for Keflings already had a PC port, which was like the XBLA version minus the Avatar support, so you just had to pick from one of the pre-existing giant characters. The sequel just had Avatars as playable giants (or Miis in the Wii U version), so I guess they will need to make new distinct giant models for the game in order to release it on PC. Microsoft have already stopped supporting Avatars except for preservation for old titles and Nintendo seems to be putting aside Mii support with the Switch, which makes me worried if they will be dropped entirely by the next system. So i guess going forward, even if they continue supporting said platforms, using just original characters as protagonists is probably the way to go.

Is ancients of ooga ever going to be on xbox1 

It seems unlikely at this point, though I can't say never.

With the porting efforts, have y'all ever seriously considered open sourcing the game so the community can help?

Are you referring to the porting efforts to bring A World of Keflings (not this game) to PC?  Have considered, but maybe not "seriously". :)  Going open-source with the full game and the custom engine and toolset it's based on would be a lot of work.

On the other hand, it'd be interesting to fully release the storytelling contents (and tools) and let people make new stories!

man your game is awesome. i remember playing the demo on xbox 360 nonstop cause i couldn't afford the game, and eventually bought both versions + the map packs on 360, with me double dipping on PC cause i lost my purchase info. 360 version's still my favorite overall since it feels more polished and there's avatars, but the PC version's a great option too.


Thanks so much!

So I paid for it. I've downloaded everything, and for some reason it doesn't hold my progress. It seems like I have to keep redownloading it. I can't find a file for me to just click the game to play?

Once you've installed, there should be a Keflings option in the start menu somewhere.  If not, you can directly open (or make your own shortcut to)  the equivalent of:

C:\Program Files (x86)\NinjaBee\AKingdomForKeflings\A Kingdom for Keflings.exe

That's the executable that got installed.

Thanks god I can see this game again that I loved to play in my Xbox 360 back then, this is such nostalgic that makes me happy, I hope y'all can make similar games like this soon!

Thank you!

Yes! I was looking for this earlier this year and found out it was Xbox Live only, so I was thinking I'd never play it again given I only ever had the demo and it didn't even exist as Abandonware (so many good games lost to Xbox Arcade... :/). But it's gonna be so cool seeing this again, it was always such a casual game for me.

Nice! Thanks!

when kingdom for keflings and such end up getting put on steam and such will they get the features that xbox had? maybe if the game gets also put on the windows store that the xbox avatar thing could be on the pc version.

Hi!  Thanks for the questions...

I'm not sure yet which features we'll carry over.  Not all of them.  A World of Keflings on Xbox has a ton of tiny unique features that depend on Xbox Live services, like banner towers, sharing collectible progress through message payloads,  unlocking of content based on what other Xbox games you own, Xbox Live Avatar support, unlocking new avatar content from within the game, and a dozen other weird little things.  We went a bit crazy on that stuff.

For Steam, much of that will go away.

We don't have any plans for Windows Store releases any time soon, unfortunately.

the xbox live avatar thing i understand, could always have an avatar customizer for the content you would unlock within the game. with the banner towers couldnt that just use steam userpicture or am i remebering them wrong. and the unlocking content based on other games you own depending on the games you could just use steam to check, if its games that arnt on steam yet then there would be an issue there. and the collectible progress i dont understand what you mean by message payloads. and anyway id asume that when the chance rises to be able to work on porting or making your own games again that you wouldnt want to just have it be a port and rather it be a special edition which could lead to just reworking features for steam and having new content ofcause

Hey man, i just realized something, there are no shadows on PC from what i can tell, maybe mines screwed up but i just noticed how the Xbox version has shadows but mine doesn't, is there something in a text file i could change or is it just a porting issue?

Dang... good question.  I hadn't looked into this in many years, so I dug around a bit.  Porting issue.  Looks like we never got shadows working on the PC before releasing. 

Oh alrighty, at least the games still awesome lol, can't stop playing it.

Thank you!  :)

I have the windows version on PC. I have no idea how to destroy a building. What key do I press. The instructions just show a non existent picture. I am stuck at urban renewal. 

When your giant is facing a building, you should see an action icon appear at the bottom of your screen with a fist icon indicating "punch".  Punch a building several times to break it.

I bought it and downloaded all of the 3 files and now I can't get the game to open. Please help

(1 edit)

You should be able to download the Installer from right here on the itch.io page (see the "Download" button above the comments section).

Run that installer to install the game, if you haven't already.  The installed game should be reachable from the start menu after that.

One of the extra 3 files you get for buying the game is the key you use to unlock the full version of the game (from the demo version you installed).


Dude this game was awesome on the 360, I finally decided to buy it a few months ago and it was one of the best purchases ever, awesome job!

Thank you!

I have a monitor in portrait and the game always launches on that one. Can I select which monitor it launches too? Something in the game files?

Yep!  If you're comfortable with (carefully) editing the fsall/settings.ini file, there's a graphics section where you can edit some graphics settings, including:

FullScreen = yes ; Full screen window
XScreenRes = 1920 ; Screen width
YScreenRes = 1080 ; Screen Height

When you're using FullScreen, you should use a standard resolution supported by your monitor.

And you can use this line

Adapter = 1

to pick which monitor to use (starting at 0).

Thanks guys!

Please make more of these games! Or i'm gunna lol....maybe flavor it like a space game and boom - its a new IP yaaaaay

Not kidding (entirely). Make more or i'ma do it for ya :) because there is a very clear market for it, and our studio loves cult classics that time has forgotten!

Deleted 233 days ago

Haha.. well, my reply is "Do it!"  Make your game, and let me know so I can play it!  :)

:D Sounds like a great idea! just in time for our pitch meeting coming up too! I appreciate the blessing :) I don't like to step on other devs' toes ;)


i just want to say thank you for making my childhood, i had mad fun playing this game on the 36


Fantastic!  Thanks for the comment!

thank you for making time with my family even more fun with this game.


Thank you for the very nice feedback!


Wheres world of keflings



See comments below.  We'll be working on it at some point, but don't have a schedule to announce.

xbox controller not working ?

This takes me back

How do i get the map packs after buying the game

Nevermind, found it. x3

Hey NinjaBee... I just want to say thanks for this game... i played it when i was a kid and i really liked it <3

Heya Ninjabee, are you maintaining/updating this game day by game? Cuz id like to see more content within it.

Sadly miss the controller support so that I can kick keflings around which I usually do without picking them up.

Other than that love the game on trial, too bad I was a young pal and my parents were refusing to pay for the key dwb. But hey I paid for it and liking it so far, just a suggestion please let us kick keflings around without picking em up just like the xbox version

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I'm having trouble changing the resolution to anything other than 800x600 on PC, and the fullscreen option doesn't work either. How can I make the window for the game bigger? I'm on Windows 10.

On the main menu go to "Help & Options", then select "Graphics". It'll restart the program once you change the resolution, then it'll ask you to confirm the changes

I've done these steps but it doesn't end up actually changing the resolution.

Same here, It's not saving any settings.

I was just wondering if there has been any update on bringing any of your games to steam?

Thanks for asking.  I'm sorry to say it's being delayed even more as we focus on new contract work.  :(  It's still absolutely the long-term plan.

You have a new project!  Hype!  Is there any information you can share about it. Thanks!!!!! Much love.


Ah, unfortunately this time I just mean the team is caught up in contracting on third party work, which we've been doing for a few years - helping other people make their games!  For instance, we got to help with Fuser, which is an awesome music-driven game from Harmonix.

But NinjaBee is not dead, and one day we'll be (1) working on more Keflings games, and (2) working on other new games!  We just don't know when.

And thanks so much for being interested!


The memories of coming back from school and going on my xbox 360 to play this game are coming back, this game is amazing.


loved this game on the xbox


Thank you!

Just bought this because my wife wanted to play with me, but we can't figure out how to rotate the camera? Is there a manual with all the controls for pc?

Ah, sorry - there's not a manual with windows controls.  And unfortunately, there's no camera rotation on the PC version.  The whole game should be playable without rotation - even on console, we only allowed a slight brief swing to one side or another, and the game is designed to be played from one angle without camera management needed.


Is there controller support? It doesn't seem to work with controller.

Unfortunately, there's no controller support in the Windows version.


Thank you for responding, I figured it out. I used a controller emulator called DS4 and mapped it to the keyboard configuration listed in your read me word document. It was simple and works! I’m sure others will have this questions later, I would recommend they research DS4 controller emulator but need to caution the download source, wouldn’t want anyone getting a malware. Love this game!


Great!  Nice job working that out, and thanks for following up!


You can also just use steam. see my comment below!

Hi i have a question how do i play online because i am very confused on how to play with my friend

There's some info on this page about it, but here it is for your convenience:

Network Play:  You can play with another player over a LAN network or over the Internet.  For play over the internet, one of the players will need to set up port forwarding (e.g. see https://www.noip.com/support/knowledgebase/general-port-forwarding-guide/ ) for port 17432.  This is technical, but fairly common for multiplayer games.  If you don't understand port forwarding or don't want to do it, then please don't purchase the full game expecting multiplayer play.  There is no matchmaking service for A Kingdom for Keflings on Windows.

Okay thanks

Hello, I downloaded the windows edition and am unable to get the game. My computer refuses to download it stating it contains a virus and automatically deletes everything before any download can be completed. No matter what course of action I take to adjust the download protection parameters or the way I go about downloading it, I still get the same results.

Hi.  When you download, do you have any kind of "more" or "advanced" button you can click to save the file despite the warning?  What anti-virus are you using?

You should be getting the game itself from  the Download button or from here:  https://ninjabee.com/games/akingdomforkeflings/

When I download to Windows, using Microsoft Defender as my anti-malware software, I get no virus errors.

There's a known false-positive coming from Gridinsoft anti-virus, if you use that (or use something that references its database).  We've scanned and double-checked with other anti-virus software and there's no issue.

If you're ultimately still unable to download the game, we can request a refund for you.

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